How can data manipulation and processing be done in an efficient manner?

The meaning of data processing

For every organization, data is a very crucial element. Today’s computerized world depends on machines for data storage and processing. However, the computers store data in a much different manner than human beings store information. For data to be extracted and utilized from the storage area in a computer, a process composed of various stages needs to be completed. The process includes the extraction of data and its conversion from raw form to usable information. The Limra Hub team has mastered the whole data processing cycle.

Why business organizations need data processing?

A business organization stores various kinds of information in the form of data. However, the stored data may need to be presented n different forms. For example, an analysis of the yearly profits that is stored as data might need to be manipulated and presented in a graphical form. The desired result can be obtained by appropriate data processing.

How data processing works?

Processing of data is a procedure composed of various steps that need to be executed in a specific order;

  • The first step is the storage of data. This step is the backbone of the whole procedure as the quality of stored data determines the efficiency of generation of outputs.
  • The stored data cannot be processed in its raw form Therefore, it needs to be prepared and accounted for errors. The reason for preparing data is to make further analysis and exploration easier.
  • The next step is to create a input. This step requires conversion of simple commands into a language the machine can understand. The input needs to be made in a computer friendly language and high accuracy is needed.
  • After 4 steps, the actual processing initiates. After receiving the input, the machine executed the entered code and manipulates data to create the desired output.
  • Now, the raw data is displayed in the form of a meaningful output. The output can be text, audio or video.
  • The last step is the storage of data for fast retrieval in case of future needs.

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