Why do you need Ad marketing powered by Google to boost your online business? 

What is Google Ad Marketing?

The Google’s very own Ad Marketing is undertaken by the google display marketing. The Internet has more than a million websites where Google Ad Marketing is done. These ads can be in multiple formats such as Pictures, video ads, text ads, flash movies etc. and these can be viewed anywhere in the world on any device including desktops, laptops, tablets,and smartphones. Limra Hub knows exactly what technicalities need to worked upon to get the best out of this type of marketing. 

How the Ad marketing powered by google works?

The advertiser who has his ad placed using Google Ad Marketing has to pay to google for every click. Globally, the network has a reach to almost or more than 90% of users worldwide. The most fascinating thing about Google Ad Marketing is that it fall within the budget or in other words, very approachable.The advertiser who promotes his brand placing ads in the newspaper or at billboards on the roads ends up paying heavily on such advertisements but when the same advertisement is placed on the internet using Google Ad Marketing the expenditure occurred is quite low.After successfully meeting the needs of many clients, the Limra Hub team has grown quite experienced in providing such services. 

How Google Ad Marketing helps an advertiser in targeting viewers?

  • By choosing the targeted keywords
  • By choosing the relevant topic among different type of topics.
  • Retargeting those viewers who had already visited the website and have shown interest in the products. 

The advantages of Google Ad Marketing

  • The advertiser can manually choose that which sites are best suited to display his products and to blacklist the one which are not a good match.
  • Google Ad Marketing is inexpensive way to promote the products.
  • Google Ad Marketing do not indulge in non-compete clause of pay-per-click.
  • Google Ad Marketing does not have quality issues since every content is indexed and offer related results when searched.

The Limra Hub team has a deep understanding of this type of marketing and we assure you that we will fulfill your expectations if you choose to hire us.