How to magnify your business with Google Display Marketing

The monopoly of google over the internet is no big secret today. Google has a multitude of networks spread all over the globe. The advertisers have the choice of multiple formats readily available to choose from.  After a lot of analysis, our team at Limra Hub has figured out how to provide the best quality Google Display Marketing services.

Why choose Google Display Marketing?

As per a survey, google display network has the biggest share (almost 90%) of the internet used in the world. This reason is more than a sufficient to take the services of Google Display Network. Also, as an added bonus, it has the capability to hit the bull’s eye when it comes to engaging the visitors in multiple ways.

Types of Google Display Marketing

  • There are various kinds of categories that are available with Google Display Marketing. Among them, text marketing is one. Text ads are usually those which flash on the top corners of the webpage during a search. They basically consist of a headline followed with two lines of text. In this category, the advertiser has the option to create multiple ads carrying various formats and then to choose the one which results into most number of clicks.
  • The next kind of category is a motionless or stationary picture which loads on the full page of a website. It can contain a picture which can be customized in terms of layouts as well as background colors.
  • Lastly, video ads have generated lots of hype these days and have become very popular among the advertisers as they provide a creative medium for them to showcase their products. YouTube is one of the prime examples of video sharing platforms where video ads have been accessible to the masses.

In order to match the pace of other competitors, your business will definitely need Google Display Marketing. Limra Hub can get you covered on this as our team is extremely skilled and experienced in this type of marketing.