The importance of transparency in the market

Customers want the retailers and CPG brand to be transparent with them. Customers want to know exactly what they are buying and what the labels on the products signify. The SmartLabel from Label Insight provides a ton of information about the product. We, at Limra Hub, can provide the Label Insight services that can help you to establish the trust between your brand and its customers. SmartLabel acts as the standard method that makes it possible to bring product transparency into the real world. Your business organization needs to provide more than just a label to its customers and SmartLabel or Label insight services can do the required trick. Limra Hub can provide you the needed services at an affordable and unmatched price.

How Label Insight works?

The SmartLabel leads to online landing pages. These can be accessed by almost any device that has internet access. The consistency in the information makes it so easy to view the complete information about a given product. A simple SmartLabel can provide information about the usage instructions, relative data about the brand or parent company, the ingredients and sources, a list of allergens, third-party stamps or certificates and safety precautions. Simple landing pages that the customer can open on even a smartphone or tablet and obviously a desktop computer can provide each and every detail that is there to know about the product. Providing more than just a brand label i.e. providing a SmartLabel can help the company in growing sustainably and maintaining trust with the customers.

Why Brands need Label Insight services?

The answer to the above question is simple! In today’s world, a customer wants to be sure about the quality and credibility of the product he/she is investing in. A brand logo does provide some assurance, but a consistent amount of information accompanied by the company logo is so much better.

Whether you are a retailer, a CPG brand or a consumer, Limra Hub can provide you the best quality Label Insight services