The need for specialized transcription services

The Limra Hub team specialized in both types of transcription; medical as well as legal. The following comparison details how both types of transcriptions differ.

Legal Transcription Vs Medical Transcription

  • Medical transcribers have to undergo a mandatory certificate course in order to eligible for a job whereas it is not necessary for Legal Transcribers and they can gain the skill of transcription on the job itself. Although it is not mandatory, but it is advisable to have knowledge of any job beforehand. There are courses available for Legal Transcribers, regular as well as online.
  • Medical transcribers have to undertake courses which might take one to two years or even more to complete as there is different level of certification in the various areas of specialization.
  • For legal transcribers, it is good to have the knowledge of the subject for better pay and opportunities than to learn it at job itself.
  • Both regular as well as online courses for both Medical and Legal Transcribers are quite similar in terms of cost.
  • Legal transcribers have variety of areas to choose for work. They can work in courts, large transcription service agencies, police stations, insurance agencies.
  • Medical transcribers have limited areas to choose from. It can be a clinic of some well-established doctor or a hospital.
  • Since there is no possibility for both legal and medical fields to disappear in near future, transcribers will always be needed for medical transcription as well as legal transcription.
  • The number of transcribers from both fields who prefer working at home are increasing.
  • Both fields have the facility to work anytime. The job is available 24*7 and the transcribers can choose the time slot that suits them best.

Career options in both transcription field are on the rise. Both fields have their own list of merits and demerits. When we compare both fields i.e. Legal Transcription and Medical Transcription, we find that they are getting profitable by each passing day. They are offering more and better work opportunities. However, our team at Limra Hub has gained an edge over the others as we are highly experienced and we get your job done in the best possible manner.