How to carry out transcription in an effective manner?

What are transcription services?

Transcription basically means conversion of a form of media into text. The written form of data might be stored into a computer document for further use. Transcription is needed in business organizations, legal proceedings and even doctors require transcription to convert their recorder session in audio format to a written form. A common example of transcription is that of a courtroom hearing where the whole session is recorder in a written form. When it comes to business organizations, transcription might be needed to record a conducted event or a speech into a text document. The growth of the transcription industry has been magnificent as the need for such services is present in almost every field that exists. The Limra Hub team has gathered useful knowledge about the field after extensive research. We have maximized our efforts to achieve perfection in the transcription services we offer.

Prerequisites for effective transcription

  • A person who offers the service of transcription must possess a very good typing speed. A skilled professional can type from 200 to 250 lines per hour with an error rate of merely 2-3%.
  • It is often mistaken that the transcription services don’t require any investment. However, the assumption is wrong! Effective transcription requires a software dedicated to the purpose, a headset and even a foot pedal. Many people believe that a transcription software is not a must have for the job. However, the fact is that using a specialized software significantly improves accuracy and timing as corrections are made automatically.
  • It is also assumed that a person who performs transcription does not need specialization in any field. However, business organizations prefer people specialized in the required field for the transcription services. Legal transcription and medical transcription are two examples of specialized transcription services.

Our team at Limra Hub possesses all the prerequisites for effective transcription. Also, we are experienced in the field. If you want to avail transcription services, just contact us and expect perfection!