How to use Web Applications wisely

Understanding Web Application

Web Applications are actually the open standard web services (XML, SOAP, HTTP etc.) which interact with other web applications for the purpose of data exchange. The existing applications can be converted into Web Applications using web services.

A basic understanding of HTTP, XML, TCP/IP certainly makes an individual comprehend to know about Web Applications in a better way. The Limra Hub team has an in-depth knowledge of all the aspects related to web applications.

  • Any bit of software that makes itself available over the internet using standardized XML message system is a web service. Web services are independent, linked, circulated, active applications that can be defined, printed, positioned, or raised over network creating the products, procedures, and supply chains. The used applications can be web based, local or distributed.
  • The basis of web services are built on open standards like TCP/IP, HTTP, Jawa, XML and HTML.
  • For direct application to application interface in the internet, the Web Application use the XML based information exchange system. It can be comprised of messages, programs, objects, or documents.

Web Application therefore is the collection of web services of open procedures and principles used for exchanging data between systems or applications. A single computer uses software applications written in multiple programming languages running on different platforms using the web services to exchange data on the internet (for example between Python and Java etc.).

In a briefly sense, it means that a Web Application is a complete web service because;

  • Web Application uses a homogenous XML messaging system.
  • Web Applications are available over the internet or intranet (private networks).
  • Web Application is not attached with any one programming language or operating system.
  • Common XML grammar makes a Web Application self-describing.

Components of Web Application

The common elementary platform of web services is XML + HTML. All the typical web services runs using components given below:

  • WSDL (Web Services Description Language)
  • SOAP (Simple Object Access Protocol)
  • UDDI (Universal Description discovery and Integration).

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