How to attract viewers with Website Designing 

Website Designing is a creative and artistic expression of the webpage that provides the information of the contents available in the site. Web Designing should be done in a way that a website should look inviting yet soothing to the eyes but also the visitor is able to navigate easily within the site for information on contents.

“First impression is the last impression” is well known proverb but practically first look of a website goes a long way in deciding the future of a company. Good Web Designing can help the organization grow where as poorly done designing can make it invisible.

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Based on the study done for knowing the importance of Website Designing using the eye tracking software indicates the time span of viewers on particular sections are:

  • Brand or symbol – less than 7 seconds
  • Search box – less than 6.5 seconds
  • Key navigation menu – less than 7 seconds
  • Social Media signs – less than 6.5 seconds
  • Prominent Image(s) – less than 6.6 seconds
  • Written Matter – less than 6.5 seconds
  • Bottom of the site – less than 6 seconds

Keeping the above features in mind Website Designing should be done. Points that need mention are given below:

  • There should be easy entrance to the information provided on the website. A website should be simple but at the same time interesting to look at.
  • A website must not look cluttered but should easy to navigate for the respective contents.
  • The contact information needs to be easily available preferably at the top and then at the bottom of homepage.
  • Advantage of Search Engine Optimization should always be taken.
  • Special care is needed to make the website optimized for the smart phone and tablet using viewers since the number of users using these electronic mediums are increasing and there is a huge market for growth.

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